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Coding is like surfing

I have realized that coding a web application is a lot like surfing. I have been surfing since college and still struggle to perform as well as I would like. Although I have not been coding as long as I have been surfing, I still would like to be progressing faster than I have been lately.

When I first tried surfing I spent the whole time paddling and missing waves. I did not actually stand up, I just kept struggling. That is how I feel when I start learning a new language, a whole lot of struggling with verily little results. There  have been days when I have paddled out into waves far to large for my ability. I have also had projects that have been to complex for my ability as a programmer. When this happens as a programmer it is as frustrating as when I can’t get outside the breaking waves.

Each instance has taught me to keep trying harder, knowing that I will eventually achieve my goal. When I write code that works I get a few seconds or moneys of joy before my next error. Riding the perfect glassy wave only last a few seconds, then you have to paddle back out to catch the next one. I think this quote applies as much to surfing as it does coding.

“Wiping out is an underappreciated skill”
Laird Hamilton



2 responses to “Coding is like surfing

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  2. brookebc

    Agreed. Keep it up 😉

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