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My First Post

This is actually the second iteration of my first post because spotlight decided rather than launching a new window it would use this one. Yay technology! 

Anyway, I am a web developer in training at The Iron Yard in Charleston, SC. I am almost through week five of the Ruby on Rails engineering class. It is amazing how much I have learned and how much I know I still have left to learn. The fact that in seven weeks I will have the skills to be hired as a web developer still seems crazy to me considering where I started. I am truly looking forward to what the next seven weeks will bring. Hopefully there will be much less time between posts next time.

On a side note, this template is called Vertigo, I am kind of a film geek. (Not by Emerson College standards, but by the standards of the general populace.) My favorite Hitchcock film is Rear Window.  


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